Fabric & Care

Our founders carefully select high-quality fabrics and prints for all of our products, which are designed and manufactured in Europe. To ensure that the delicate fabrics stay in good condition, it's important to maintain your Silky Sleek items properly. Our crop tops, skirts, headwraps, turbans, and kimono & headscarf liners are made of 100% viscose, which is lightweight, soft, breathable, and cool on the skin. The shell of our kimonos, palazzo pants, wrap skirt and headscarves is made of premium satin flowy polyester.
To store your Silky Sleek headwraps, headscarves, and turbans, you can use the packaging, which comes in reusable zipper bags. This way, you don't need to throw away the packaging, and it helps keep your items organized in your closet or safe while traveling. 
Washing instructions
For washing instructions, we recommend hand-washing only and avoiding tumble drying, bleaching, and ironing. Our skirts, crop tops, headwraps and turbans are made of 95% viscose jersey and 5% EA, while our Kimonos and Headscarves have a shell made of 100% premium satin polyester and a lining made of 100% viscose.
    The products do not need to soak. It is important to wash your design in lukewarm water with a little soap and then rinse it immediately.