Silky Sleek the brand

Are you looking to stand out, enhance your personality, or perhaps you're in need of stylish headwear? Look no further than Silky Sleek, a fashion brand that caters to everyone. Our headwear and womenswear are designed to make women feel strong, beautiful, and empowered. With endless possibilities for mixing and matching, you can create a unique look that suits your individual style. We prioritize both comfort and quality, ensuring our headwear is easy to use and stay securely in place. When you combine our headwear with our matching womenswear, you'll make a statement that's sure to turn heads. But you can also wear our items separately to create your own unique look. Shop Silky Sleek today and discover the power of our womenswear and headwear that inspires confidence and style.

Our story

My name is Laura. I started Silky Sleek with the aim of normalizing headwear and establishing it as a fashion item. In terms of inclusivity, in my experience, there is still a long way to go when it comes to wearing headwear. Currently, headwear is primarily made as accessory worn out of necessity or cultural reasons.

I lost my hair due to Alopecia, which compelled me to wear headwear. However, I couldn't find anything fashionable that would make me feel strong, beautiful, and feminine. I could only find headwear that immediately labeled me as either sick or religious. With my background in fashion as a fashion photographer, this was a significant obstacle for me. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to change that, and that's how Silky Sleek was born. Headwear with matching womenswear. My mission is to offer high-quality, luxurious pre-made headwear that every woman, with or without hair, can wear as a fashion item.

Silky Sleek has a mix & match concept. You can combine your headwear with matching wrap skirts, palazzo pants, kimonos, and crop tops, or mix the prints. This way, your headwear truly becomes a part of your look and style, and it is no longer just an accessory worn out of necessity or cultural reasons. The goal is to expand Silky Sleek in terms of both the team and the collection within the next year. We plan to add swimwear and sportswear, such as a beautiful yoga outfit.

Headwear is not only powerful, feminine, and unique in appearance but also practical! It keeps your hair out of the way during a workout, protects your hair and skin from the sun, and helps you get out the door quickly, even on a bad hair day. Additionally, all designs are pre-made so that you don't need wrap skills. The headwraps, turbans, and headscarves are comfortable, breathable, and pre-made, suitable for women with and without hair.

All Silky Sleek designs are designed and manufactured in Europe - inspired by people, cities, and places from all over the world. This is my story, and I hope it can add a bit of positivity to your story. P.S. My hair has fully grown back, a reminder that anything is possible in life.

Silky Sleek's view on slow fashion
We prioritize sustainable and ethical practices in our production process. All of our fabrics and prints are sourced from Italy, and our headwraps, turbans, headscarves, and womenswear are designed and made within Europe. By keeping our production within Europe, we reduce the carbon footprint of our products and ensure fair wages and working conditions for our workers.
We believe in slow fashion and release small collections of timeless prints and designs. Our headwraps, headscarves, and turbans are made from high-quality premium fabrics, ensuring they last for years to come. We also believe that less is more when it comes to packaging. Our headwear is packaged in reusable zipper bags, making it easy for you to keep your items organized in your closet or while traveling. Join the Silky Sleek family today and experience the power of womenswear and headwear that's both empowering and sustainable.